Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Short days, Hot Days

Time seems to follow the laws of physics and moves faster the hotter it gets.  It feels like just yesterday June began and this weekend it will be all over.  Solstice has past and the nights are getting longer; the days more humid. And the humidity has gone to people's heads as the city workers have gone on strike-no garbage pick up, no recycling, no pools, no community centres, no ferry for island residents, no childcare,  no public works.  The LCBO ( liquor store for those not from Ontario) threatened to strike leading to panicked shoppers emptying out stores.

The Worldwide Short Film festival wrapped up last weekend.  Pride is in full swing and Canada Day is just around the corner.  July is another cornucopia of festivals.

Many people ask me if they will ever have another chance to see films from the Short Film Festival.  There are many resources for short film.  There is Movieola the short film channel and if you are unable to subscribe, they post online.  If you live in Toronto or Montreal, the National Film board has Mediateque where you can sit a comfortable viewing station and access hundred's of the NFB's back catalogue.  They also have a number of films available on line.  And with a little research, I was able to locate a few films from this year's festival online ( I am in no way promoting them or rating them as favourites, they're just the ones I could locate):

Post-It Love  An endearingly sweet office romance.
Pencil Face   Lives up to the title
The Herd A little bit of documentary about an unusual member of the herd
Between  An experimental film exploring dark areas of human psyche
King of Laughter A documentary about the Guinness Book of World Records title-holder for longest laugh.
Lost Tribes of New York Funny animated film featuring voices of New Yorkers.
Everyday is Fish Day  A day in the life of an ordinary Norwegian fish.
Western Spaghetti  A creative animated dinner 
Loop Loop  A playful experimental film derived from film and stills taken on the directors journey in Vietnam ( I know I said I would not pick favourites but this was my fav of the few I had time to see.  The sound and editing are supurb)

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