Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mmmmmm....brekkie anyone?

Oh, those mad Englishman.  Anyone from across the pond ( or staunch Anglophiles), will wax poetic on the British crisp.  The British potato chip is a very different affair.  Thin but firm, cut from smaller potatoes and flavour which seems to be a glaze on the chip, not the powdery mess of the North American variety.  And speaking of variety, the tastes are a tantalizing diversion-prawn cocktail, Worcester sauce, steak & onion, pickled onion, and the list goes on.  The leader of the industry is Walkers.

Over the years, Walkers has introduced many enticing, limited edition premium crisps.  One of the stand outs being roast lamb and mint.  It was just like eating roast lamb with potatoes and mint sauce ( of course, they did contain real lamb in the flavouring). 

Recently, they ran a contest called "Do us a flavour" inviting the public to submit flavour ideas. Six ideas were selected and produced in a limited runs: Cajun Squirrel, Fish & Chips, Chili and Chocolate, Crispy Duck & Hoisin, Onion Bhaji,  and the winner Builder's Breakfast.

Jamie Oliver must have blown a gasket when he discovered the winner.  All that hard work of getting the British off of greasy, processed foods undone with a single crisp.  "Oi.  Look at that! Full English in a convenient snack. Pukka, innit?"

For those not familiar with British foods, a "Full English" is a breakfast consisting of egg, bacon ( not the bacon you know ( that would be "rashers" in England)), fried potato, baked beans, sausage and fried tomato.  There are some regional variations such as mushrooms, blood pudding and fried bread.  Did Walkers succeed in capturing all that?
They did indeed.  In what a friend described as a "Violet Beauregarde" experience (view here if you need a reminder),  the flavour comes in waves.  Bacon. Pepper. Egg. Baked bean sauce.  It could be summarized as what the fried potato in a Full English tastes like after being dipped in runny yolk and the baked beans.  
My tastebuds eagerly await the next new flavour.

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