Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Showers

The last day of April is upon us and I can't be sure whether Spring has arrived or not.  The temperature has yo-yo'd all month between 7º-27ºC ( often on the same day).  
April has brought the gift of green.  Brown lawns have become lush again.  Spidery barren branches are dotted with green buds...and pollen.  The cursed, cursed pollen.

Unfortunately, I am one of the millions of allergy sufferers whose bodies unleash a fury against the perceived invasion.  My nose cannot distinguish between a little pollen and the swine flu.   I will spare you the messy details but imagine, dear reader(s)*,  your worst ever cold.  Then imagine that this cold will last from the first bud on the trees until every leaf has emerged.  That's Spring for me.   On any given day, you can check the pollen report to gauge my mood and physical condition.  If I go missing,  just follow the trail of empty tissue boxes.

Oh well,  it will be Summer soon enough...and heat, humidity, mosquitoes, smog.  

*I hope there is more than one of you out there.  Otherwise, I will keep my whining to my journal.

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